Our Refund and Guarantee Policy

We have been providing warranties on various conditions and durations, but all of them are based on one key principle: we support our clients throughout their stay with the dog. Therefore, on the rare occasion that one of our dogs had a serious health problem, we always tried to help, regardless of whether it was covered by the warranty or whether the warranty was still valid.

     We have come to the conclusion that the dog is more important than the guarantee it gives. We all want to have healthy dogs and not worry about health problems and how to validate the warranty. We want to have dogs, not a guarantee.

     With this in mind, we came to the following conclusions:

     While we cannot guarantee that your dog will be healthy forever, we can guarantee that we will choose your dog very carefully. They come from healthy and genetically healthy backgrounds, and they have a breeder who is primarily committed to their health, happiness and well-being. This is our promise to you!

       First of all, it is French Bulldog Puppies, and it is our 15 years experience of striving for excellence in our puppies, as well as honesty and sincerity in our service, which will guarantee your puppy’s health and your peace of mind.

We believe that providing a daring guarantee with no time limits is the best choice for our clients. And for us, having such a guarantee reminds us that we have a long and enormous responsibility to our clients, and ensures that we never relax our concern and always strive for the best.

    That’s why we reviewed our guarantees many times and even introduced a lifetime guarantee of health for the glamorous French Bulldog Puppies. We didn’t even stop there! We also offer incredible shipping protection. If you choose this service, you will be 100% exempt from paying any shipping costs for your new puppy, up to the amount of your original shipping!